Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sunday, October 8, 2017

chest texturing:adjustableSizing:!placing

Hey Internet,

I was off this weekend and able to work on the game. I feel I made the most of it!

My goal was to place and draw my body parts ( or at least one ). I almost finished.

I wanted the skin mesh to be an adjustable array size... which means adjustable problems that you have to be super careful to handle. I succeeded and was able to slap a texture over the skin mesh... however everything was backwards and only drawing in snips of the whole. So, I had to work out what face I'm culling and why it works right when I just pass in an RGB value but works opposite with a texture. And basically rewrote all my texture code. I figured it out, but then things were drawing at double the height than they were before. ??? I figured it out but then the texture was drawing as if it was flipped along the diagonal axis. I spent all Sunday afternoon working out how to parse a 2D array diagonally and swap the s and t ( as opposed to x y z ) values of the vertices with its diagonal pair. Oh Lordy! And that was the less stressful part of the weekend.

I thought I'd figured out how to replace the alpha value of a texture with a value I pass in for skin color. This way I can draw different kinds of skimpy clothes that allow flesh to be seen through instead of a gaping hole in space where their body parts should be. Well, it turns out I didn't figure it out months ago, there was just a happy accident occurring that made me think so. But!, I figured it out this morning. I just had to add an if statement to my fragment shader and voila!

All I need to do now is get the sizing right ( chest size ) and make sure it respects the adjustable array size logic, then center it over the chest area. I'd love to do it today so I can wrap up this big feature all in one weekend, but it's getting late on a work night and I have a headache from staring at this computer screen for two days. Tomorrow I've got a full week of screen staring ahead of me.

Once this chest is resized, all I have to do is copy the code to all the other body parts and tweak.

Then I'll have pretty little humans.

Then I need to make a few more outfits for variety.

Then I need to repeat everything that took me over seven years to learn to make dragons, bears, pigs, snargoyles, jipper snaps, fire elementals, honker deamons, and so on. I really hope it doesn't take seven to ten years for each.

Then I need to get good at art and replace all the textures I just made.

Then I need to actually make the places in the world.

Then... omg, making a list is depressing me.

Here are some pictures of what I did today.

Tan is the skin color of my little dude's hot body. It can be adjusted and drawn where the alpha value of the texture is 0.

I don't how what was happening here, but it took the better part of the weekend to fix.

Here I'm drawing the first pixel of my texture across the whole skin mesh.

Oh great! The s and t alignments are wonky. Top left and bottom right are correct, I just have to figure out how to flip along that diagonal for an adjustable 2D arrray of vertices.

Woo hoo. Backup and call it a night!